A history marked by energy

Stumpf Industry and Trade in Electric Accumulators., Manufacturer of JET Batteries, emerged as the fulfillment of a dream of its founders, people from the area of Process and Product Engineering intending to provide differentiated service for its customers, through constant research and innovation, in addition to the supply of high-quality products, this is the result of the use of raw materials that are internationally recognized, as well as through a strictly controlled production process, thus guaranteeing the required standard of excellence most demanding markets.

In addition to providing quality products, we have extremely qualified field personnel, capable of providing the necessary technical support to our customers, also providing an excellent after-sales service.

Founded in January 2006 at Parque das Indústrias Leves in Londrina - Paraná, Stumpf develops, produces and markets automotive batteries for light, heavy, agricultural and service vehicles, specially designed to meet the most extreme applications that require high performance.



JET Quality

JET batteries have internationally recognized quality raw materials and a strictly controlled production process.

Driven by energy, we follow a standard of excellence required by the most demanding customers, with quality control, assistance, and warranty.

Assembled with lead plates alternated between positive and negative, formed in a solution of sulfuric acid and water, JET batteries guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.

Quality Police

Stumpf Industry and Trade in Electric Accumulators, a manufacturer of lead-acid batteries, has as philosophy the quality and improvement of the Quality Management System, with the strategic direction that ensures:

  •   Customer satisfaction, generating perception of value in the products and services provided;
  •   Awareness and development of employees' skills;
  •   Compliance with applicable requirements; and
  •   Shareholder satisfaction, sustainably generating value.


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Environmental responsibility

JET Baterias has a strict structure for preserving the environment, ranging from the manufacture of our products to the awareness of our employees, customers, neighbors, and suppliers.

Based on our Environmental Program, the environmental management system is standardized and everyone has the responsibility to ensure its application, dissemination and search for continuous improvement of environmental performance.